Recent Eagle Scouts

Eric Brosnan

Brosnan earned 51 merit badges.  With the help of Troop 27, Brosnan built and installed 8 bat houses at Botti Farm property on Bushill Road as part of his Eagle Scout project.  The bat houses were created to increase local bat populations which in turn would feed on mosquitoes. Brosnan planned ways to fund these bat houses including a successful can and bottle drive.  He passed his board of review on April 4th of 2019 and became the 114th Eagle Scout out of Troop 27. Brosnan was part of the elite group of scouts called Order of the Arrow. Order of the Arrow (OA) is a group of scouts, elected by their peers, based on the qualities and characteristics who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. Brosnan, was not only elected to this group but also served as the Order of the Arrow representative for the local Manchester area.

Nico Espitia

In support of Troop 27's longtime sponsor, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Nico identified areas of the church facility that needed to have water damage repaired and a new coat of paint applied.  He selected two corridors, one including a twisting stairwell, to be scrapped, repaired, and repainted. In addition, Nico chose to clean pews and woodwork in the sanctuary of the church. Nico developed a list of required material, raised the necessary funds, and lead three different teams of scouts, scouters and friends in completing the project.  In total, over 160 man-hours went into the successful completion of the project.

He passed his board of review on May 31st of 2018. He becomes the 113th Eagle Scout out of Troop 27.

Ben Hayes

Hayes planted 1100 daffodil bulbs for Daffodilly days at Center Springs Park on September 24, 2016. Hayes planned ways to fund these plants including a successful can and bottle drive. He passed his board of review on April 4th of 2018. He becomes the 113th Eagle Scout out of Troop 27. Hayes has served numerous positions within the troop including senior patrol leader and guide. In 2014 he participated in a high adventure camp, “Seabase,” in the Florida Keys. He also took part in two scout expos and a number of Klondike cold weather scout derbies. Outside of scouts, Ben has been very active with the Tech Crew under the supervision of David Fairbanks at Manchester High School working as a stagehand. He would like to continue working backstage and one day become a stage manager.

Anthony Dorn

Dorn earned 24 merit badges. His Eagle Project involved replacing signs at Oak Grove Nature Center that identified both tree and plant species along the nature walk trail. His Eagle Ceremony was April 1st, 2017. He becomes the 111th Eagle Scout out of Troop 27.



Joe Rodgers

Rodgers chose to repair and refinish the playground at St. James School. Rodgers was able to

give back to the Saint James Church, the school he attended until 5th grade, the church he had

grown up in and the place where he worked during the summer. The project was proposed on

August 27th, 2015 and with the help of Troop 27, he completed the project on October 15, 2015.

He passed his board of review on October 20, 2016. Joe completed a total of 31 merit badges and is a two-time J.N. Webster Honor Scout. He becomes the 110th Eagle Scout out of Troop 27.



Matt Boyer

Matt Boyer chose to repair and refinish the front steps and front area of the Manchester Area Conference of Churches (MACC) on 466 Main Street.  Boyer started planning his project mid  October of 2015.  With the help of Troop 27 he completed the project on May 21 of 2016. He passed his board of review on November 10th of 2016. He became the 111th Eagle Scout out of Troop 27 and the 9th since 2012. Troop 27 held a court of honor for Boyer on January 14, 2017. 


Boyer graduated in June of 2017 from Manchester High School.  Boyer was a member of the National Honor Society, The Interact Club and played for the MHS Varsity Baseball team.  He has served on the town’s Youth Commission and volunteered once a week with the Youth Service Bureau’s program “Journey” as a mentor for young children. 



Matt Pisner

Matt earned the Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts and joined Troop 27 in 2009. He went on to earn 47 merit badges, well above the 21 eagle scout requirement.For his Eagle Project, Matt planned and directed a project to reconstruct a staircase and anchor it down to ensure safe travels through Oak Grove’s tranquil woods. He started Planning his Eagle Project in the late summer of 2015, and it was completed on Nov, 1 2015 with the majority of the work done on Oct. 31 2015. The project took 347 Man hours to complete. Matt Turned 18 on December 21, 2015. He completed his project 7 weeks before his 18th birthday and then passed his board of review on March 10, 2016.


Pyznar was Manchester Troop 27’s 109th Eagle Scout. His Court of Honor took place on June 18th at Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church, 41 Park Street in Manchester, CT. He is now registered as an Adult leader with Troop 27, and plans to help with the program when he is available.

Joe Fultz

David Wichman                     1954

Alan Wabrek                          1954

Michael Wichman                 1954

Edward Feltham                    1956

Stuart Baraw, Jr.                     1958

William Auden                       1963

Paul Christensen                   1963

Donald Bernard                     1963

Steven Bernstein                   1964

David Melendy                      1964

Lewis Banning                       1964

Milton Coslit                          1965

David Cross                           1966

James Leggett                       1967

John Leggett                         1967

Richard Cross                       1968

Craig Saums                          1970

David Dwyer                          1971

Christopher Marvin               1971

Michael Parker                      1971

Michael Bayles                      1971

Eric Engelbrecht                    1971

Richard Meier                        1972

Glenn Saums                         1972

Scott Dickie                            1972

Bruce Warren                         1972

Gregory Ennis                       1972

Jeffery Ennis                          1972

Dale Perzanowski                  1973

Wayne Smith                         1974

James Dwyer                         1974

Lee Garrity                             1975

James McDonough                1975

Stephen Mitchell                   1976

Brian Colbath                         1976

Scott Christensen                 1978

Jeffrey Cone                          1978

William Szarek                       1978

Scott Smith                             1979

Kenneth Szarek                     1979

Kurt Heinrich                          1979

Gary McDonough                 1980

Russell Smith                         1980

Eric Heinrich                          1981

Frank Hoher                          1981

Timothy Smith                       1982       

John Szarek                           1982

Scott Carbone                        1982

Mark Colbath                         1982

Jason Clifford                        1983

Edward Balon                        1983

James Duffield                       1983

Henry Minor                           1985

Lawrence Deptula                  1985

Charles Rose                         1985

Raymond Minor                    1986

Mark Smith                             1986

David Kuczek                         1986

Mark Lamson                         1986

Thomas Chlupsa                   1987

Michael Yarnot                      1987

Todd Rose                             1987

Timothy Christensen            1988

Eric Christensen                   1988

John Mulligan                       1989

Matthew Barrera                     1989

Anthony Cook                       1990

Todd Lamson                        1990

All Troop 27 Eagle Scouts

Joshua Beaulieu                    1990

Daniel Daley                          1990

Shawn Hartigan                     1990

Joseph Berube                      1990

Eric D’Arcy                             1990

Jonathan Tripler                   1993

Matthew Spencer                   1995

Kevin Wollenberg                 1995

Steven Caron                         1996

Timothy Miller                        1996

Jason Plante                          1996

Brian Travis                           1999

Charles Trippler                    1999

Colin Usher                           1999

Hector Maury                         2000

Alan Thibeault                        2001

Jason Kuczynski                   2002

Andrew Maury                        2003

Andrew LaPointe                   2003

Dennis Rizzo                         2003

Rich Berezowskyj                  2004

Patrick Hemingway               2004

Robert Bard                            2004

Patrick Owen Linder             2005

Alan J. Bourbeau                   2005

Paul F. Sullivan                      2006

Andrew M. Crandall               2006

Kevin J. Murray                      2007

Eric Mensinger                      2008

Robert Moore                         2008

Keith Davis                             2008

Zachary Piper                        2010

Christopher Iadarola            2011

Jeffrey LaRochelle                 2012

Brandon Embser                   2012

Gregory Lucas                       2012

Joshua Ouellette                   2013

Connor Stevenson                 2014

Jesse Kostiuk                        2014

Joseph Fultz                          2015

Matthew Pyznar                     2016

Joseph Rodgers                   2016

Matthew Boyer                       2016

Anthony Dorn                        2016

Benjamin Hayes                    2018

Nico Espitia                           2018

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