How to Create a Log Cabin

Log Cabins are great for cooking and prolonged heat. With a log cabin fire you can put a griddle right on the fire without a need for a grate. The structural integrity of a log cabin fire is stronger than a traditional  tee-pee fire.

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Stephen Gagnon and Eli Torres
How to Create a Lean-To Campfire

While tee-pees are used to give off heat, and log cabins are used to create coals, the lean to gives you the best of both worlds. Easy to start and maintain, watch as these simple instructions your fireplace to life.

Produced by
Nathan Zilora and William Thompson
How to Sell Boy Scout Popcorn

Popcorn selling is one of the many scout skills you will learn in scouting. In this video we will go over some of the basics of selling is this video, and how to have a successful year. Hope you enjoy and have a great selling season.

Produced by
Lucas Pare and William Thompson
How to Tie a Square Lash

Lashing is an important skill that every scout should learn. A square lash can be used to connect two small pieces of fuel to construct something without using attachments. Scouts in Troop 27 use this skill to construct our annual klondike sleds that we race at JN Webster.

Produced by 
Kyle Zingler
How To Collect Firewood
On a camp out, you need to build fires in order to cook and stay warm. Watching this video will teach you the four things to remember when collecting the wood needed for these fires.
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Zachary Baranowski
How to Take Care of a Tent After a Campout
After a weekend of camping you will want to know how to take care of your tent. You will not want your tent to get moldy or damaged. Watch this video to see how to take care of your tent
Produced by 
Drew Kelly
How To Set-Up a Gear Tarp
During a camp-out, it is necessary to have a gear tarp that you could put your backpacks and gear under in the case of rain. Watch this video to learn how to set one up.
Produced by 
Jack Larson

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